5 keys to communicating EbA measures

After five years of experience communicating project ADAPTUR, we have put together these 5 keys to communicating projects related to adaptation to climate change:

1. Communication is crucial in a project’s development 

Communication brings things to people’s attention: knowing is caring. If done wrong, it can be counterproductive.

Good communication must be done in line with the project’s goals and objectives, accompanying each of its phases.

However, the communication action plan cannot, by itself, solve challenges that are not included in the scope of the project. For the plan to be successful, it is important to consider co-working with strategic actors.

2. Planning responds to an integral process

Communication planning should recognize the inter-institutional coordination associated with the project’s objectives. In this sense, we recommend uniting efforts and creating synergies between the counterparts in all levels of government (federal, state and municipal) and sectors (private and social).

This way, it will be easier to align goals and generate comprehensive, multilevel and intersectoral work. Undoubtedly, this will have an impact on communication: the initiatives will be consistent and effective, avoiding isolated efforts.

3. The budget must be communication oriented

Financially, it is essential to generate a specific budget for communication actions from the start of the project. This will make it avoid setbacks during the implementation.

Also, it is advisable to look at communication activities and tasks with a comprehensive perspective of a team and coordinated work. If initiatives come together, it will be easier to move forward and take advantage of everyone’s channels.

4. An action plan helps continuity

In communication, processes should not be spontaneous or insufficiently elaborated. It is recommended that all ideas be aligned with a plan that has a clear objective, and that they contribute to a specific goal.

It is important to consider comprehensive actions that include a public relations plan, management, process leadership, as well as in-depth transversal work with all project members. Only then will tangible results be achieved.

In this sense, it is useful to establish guidelines and the flow of communication in a clearly and coordinately.

5. Success stories build a sense of belonging

At the beginning of the project, it is important to spread clear and accurate information about the benefits that ecosystems provide. This awareness process is will bring yields in the medium term and involves a series of communication actions that must be connected.

In ADAPTUR’s experience, identifying good practices that already existed in the Mexican tourism sector and, subsequently, documenting these success stories has been key. The audience gained motivation to collaborate with the project and share the materials.