Sharing climate resilience with associates and allies

Communication is a cross-sectional tool within the ADAPTUR methodology

Thanks to communication, key players in the tourism sector learned about climate change and ecosystem-based adaptation.

The Guide for Effective Communication of Adaptation to Climate Change in the tourism sector synthesizes and explains ADAPTUR’s experience. This document is aimed at those who wish to involve more actors in climate action through means of communication.

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Field visit with local journalists to the coral reefs of Isla Contoy (Quintana Roo), to share information with them regarding the white coral syndrome.


In these articles we share our experience in communication that is oriented towards climate action in the tourism sector. We have worked on clear and concise texts, examples, videos and templates so that you can implement your own project.

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  • Adaptation to climate change using the EbA approach

    Climate change and its consequences affect thousands of people and communities throughout the world.

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  • What is strategic communication and how is it achieved?

    The modification of unsustainable practices is a challenge in the medium and long term that projects often assume.

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  • Communication diagnosis: step by step

    The first step of an effective action plan is the elaboration of a communication diagnosis.

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  • How to create SMART goals for your action plan

    A proper approach to objectives offers precision to the strategic communication process and is a reference for the final evaluation.

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  • Discursive axes to communicate measures of Adaptation based on Ecosystems

    The lines of discourse are the key messages that serve as a guide during communication.

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  • Communication action plan: keys and recommendations

    An action plan serves as a road map for creating communication materials from a strategic perspective.

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  • Goal-oriented content production

    A strategic approach allows for both the generation of materials and the development of communication activities to be oriented towards a specific objective.

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  • Work with media

    The ability of the media to place certain issues into the public opinion is essential for the positioning of the project.

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  • Monitoring and evaluation of communication

    Monitoring and evaluation involves comparing the results of the communication activities and materials with the objectives (SMART).

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  • 5 keys to communicating EbA measures

    After five years of work in the communication of project ADAPTUR, this article compiles 5 keys to communicating projects related to climate change adaptation.

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