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Green Recovery

Video about Natural Protected Areas and their relevance for nature tourism and ecosystem conservation.

Regeneration of the Támbula-Picachos Sierra

Video about the regeneration process of this area in San Miguel de Allende, using an EbA measure. It also details its importance for the tourism sector.

The dunes of the Riviera Maya: “The sand makes even our feet happy”

Video that illustrates the importance of coastal dunes for beach conservation in the Mexican Caribbean.

Ecosystem Valuation: Preserving nature to guarantee tourism sustainability

Message from Dr. José Alberto Lara Pulido, expert consultant in environmental policy, on the importance of the environment for tourism.

Why are we talking about Nature-based Solutions and why is it important to invest in them?

Message from Vicente Ferreyra Acosta, CEO of Sustentur, about the potential of natural capital as an investment.

What actions should we take to face climate change in San Miguel de Allende?

Message from Dylan Terrel, COO of Caminos del Agua, on the importance of rehabilitating ecosystems to ensure adaptation to climate change.

What are the main challenges that climate change poses for San Miguel de Allende?

Message from Dylan Terrel, COO of Caminos del Agua, on the main challenges that San Miguel de Allende faces in the short, medium and long terms.

What role can tourism play in the adaptation of San Miguel de Allende to climate change?

Message from Dylan Terrel, COO of Caminos del Agua, regarding the opportunity for San Miguel de Allende to become a leading tourist destination in terms of climate action and care for water resources.

Prospective planning: caring for natural resources is strategic for tourism

Message from Dr. José Luis Cornejo, from the UdG, on the importance of caring for natural resources and natural capital going forward.

Knowledge to create change: journalists’ visit to Isla Contoy

Video about the visit of media outlet representatives to Isla Contoy in the Riviera Maya.