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Find here downloadable technical documents, articles, videos and infographics for consultation generated by the project and its partners on different topics. With them, you will be able to gain a better understanding of the link between tourism, adaptation to climate change and protection of biodiversity.

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  • GIZ is witness of honor in signing between Pirelli and SMAOT

    The Pirelli company adopted ten hectares ofthe Cuenca de la Esperanza Natural Protected Area in order to conserve and protect it, in collaboration with SMAOT.

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  • ADAPTUR presents the Report on economic risks related to climate change in the Riviera Maya

    Article about the presentation of this document in ADAPTUR's pilot city.

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  • ADAPTUR designs and publishes the Economic Risk Information System (SIRE-ADAPTUR)

    Article about the website aimed at entrepreneurs, businesspeople and government agencies in the tourism sector.

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  • How much does climate change cost the tourism sector?

    Article on the publication of the Analysis of economic risk posed by climate change in three tourist destinations in Mexico.

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  • The tourism sector promotes Climate Change-adapted investments

    Article on the Guide for Investments Adapted to Climate Change.

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