Find here downloadable technical documents, articles, videos and infographics for consultation generated by the project and its partners on different topics. With them, you will be able to gain a better understanding of the link between tourism, adaptation to climate change and protection of biodiversity.

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  • Communication to adapt to climate change

    Infographic that summarizes the steps to implement a communication action plan focused on adaptation to climate change.

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  • Communicating climate change adaptation

    Fact sheet that describes the results and impacts of project ADAPTUR in relation to the communication strategy used to sensitize different stakeholders.

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  • Threats to the beaches of Quintana Roo

    Infographic on the climatic challenges that beach areas of the state of Quintana Roo are facing.

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  • Should we return to the same tourism?

    Infographic that analyzes the relationship between COVID-19 and tourism, in the context of nature conservation.

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  • Tourism in the face of climate change

    Infographic on the challenges the tourism sector is facing as a result of climate change.

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  • Sierra de Vallejo – Sierra El Cuale: Value and opportunity for tourism

    Infographic on the fundamental role that the mountain chain plays for the Nayarit-Jalisco Riviera.

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  • Seagrass beds

    Infographic explaining the vital role of seagrasses for tourism.

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  • What are we vulnerable to?

    Infographic that summarizes the vulnerability studies carried out in 10 strategic tourist destinations in Mexico.

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