Phase 1: Diagnostics

To begin working towards climate-resilient and adapted tourism destinations, it is important to define a starting point with a geographical scope and a group of key stakeholders, who will help mobilize and support the processes.

The next step is to understand the context of the site as well as the tourism sector. That is, to know who makes it up and how they operate.

Once these aspects are identified, you can establish multisectoral dialogue, during which you will look to identify entry points and real opportunities to mobilize the EbA approach in the sector.

For more information, we recommend consulting the complete ADAPTUR methodology document, available here.  

Lessons learned

  • Schedule time to understand your target audience and how to sensitize them before engaging in the first contact. Analyzing the lay of the land and preparing yourself can save time later.
  • Identify potential agents of change within the private sector, who can motivate other businessmen/businesswomen to get involved in the project.
  • Work hand in hand with a professional agency in order to develop and implement your communication strategy with the private sector.
  • Study existing realities, limitations, concerns, and risks for leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, especially during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.