Phase 2: Formalization

To ensure the necessary conditions and make solid progress on the path of adaptation to climate change, it is important to create a framework of trust that allows intersectoral collaboration through a working group.

The working group will define the vision, roles and activities needed to achieve the common goal. It is essential to have a mechanism that formalizes the commitments and contributions that the actors involved will offer, as well as the responsibility for the proper use of the information that is generated throughout the process.

Lessons learned

  • Establishing a relationship of trust with the private sector is a long process that requires sensitivity and patience. Working with business leaders as agents of change and exchanges between peers can be an excellent strategy to gain trust and initiate change processes “from within.”

For more information, we recommend consulting the complete ADAPTUR methodology document, available here. 

  • The private sector considers financial data or project results to be sensitive information, since these may affect its reputation in the market. Therefore, it is important to have a mutual understanding in this regard, and confidentiality agreements can help to formalize it.


  • Mapeo de actores

    Plantilla para realizar una revisión de los actores estratégicos para el proyecto, ya sean del sector gubernamental, social o privado. Además ayuda a priorizarlos.

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